My name is mon. I discovered Neocities way back in October of last year without actually discovering it. I was chatting with my friends when I stumbled upon the Network Neighborhood webpage by accident. It seemed to be going through a "rebooting" stage, teasing something called n2 and a date of December 1st. If you've been around long enough you'd know that sadly that turned into nothing.

I think it was early this year I created an actual account on Neocities, monstrosity, which was then deleted before I was able to put anything on it. Not sure what happened there, Kyle. I created the account just to toy around with some things; try to write HTML, learn CSS, but I didn't get that far. I was just bored with it.

I came back to Neocities the 1st of June this year and did a lot of work on the site, but it was all done on Word. I didn't have the time to learn proper HTML. While Word does have it's upsides, the one major downside is that it's a pain in the ass to add any custom code into your page without screwing everything else up. Don't do what I did, kids.

I updated my site pretty frequently over the span of two weeks and had a lot of plans for it. I created a travel log that I didn't finish, but was still updated frequently. I got some good feedback on the site as well. Needless to say, I was really enjoying my time on this site.

But then my site work died down. I stopped creating content for a stupid little problem that could've been fixed easily... And I regret not fixing that. I wouldn't be writing this if I had just fixed it in the first place. But I was still somewhat active in the community on places like Discord.

I've met a lot of people on here. I've seen things done out of justice, out of stupidity, and out of selfishness... It's odd how much you'll learn about a subculture in just a few months.

This isn't a goodbye. It's more of a status update saying I might make something and I might not. But either way, I'll be here, watching everything that's going on.


- mon