beep beep honk honk

how's it going, neocities?

yeezy, it's been a while, and I've certainly been busy with some stuff since then... currently I'm enjoying my time basking in the light of the bulb, attempting to get my dreamcast online, moving to a new house, and many other things!

i've also been learning how to properly write html (fun fact: html is actually called "markup," not code!) so I can get my own site up and running. I'll link it here when it's up! (for reference, I used a word document to html converter when I created my site here.)

if you have a friend who wants to get into html/css or would like to learn a little more yourself, I'd reccomend you check out tesserae, a to-the-point guide created by my good friend mariteaux. :)

anyways, i'll see you around! bye!

"if facebook died and people were left with a dreamhost account and a copy of mozilla web docs, most would quit the internet",